About. Wiring is a community effort led by a small group of volunteers.


Wiring is an open-source programming framework for microcontrollers.

Wiring allows writing cross-platform software to control devices attached to a wide range of microcontroller boards to create all kinds of creative coding, interactive objects, spaces or physical experiences.

The idea is to write a few lines of code, connect a few electronic components to the hardware of choice and observe how a light turns on when person approaches to it, write a few more lines add another sensor and see how this light changes when the illumination level in a room decreases.

This process is called sketching with hardware; a way to explore lots of ideas very quickly, by selecting the more interesting ones, refine them, and produce prototypes in an iterative process.

The framework is thoughtfully created with designers and artists in mind to encourage a community where beginners through experts from around the world share ideas, knowledge and their collective experience.

The project was initiated in 2003 by Hernando Barragán, formerly from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and currently developed at the School of Architecture and Design at the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. Wiring builds on Processing, an open project initiated by Casey Reas and Ben Fry, both formerly of the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media Lab.



The Wiring team is composed of Hernando Barragán, Brett Hagman and Alexander Brevig.

Hernando started Wiring in Summer 2003 and he has been developing it since. Wiring builds on Processing, the open source programming language developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab and Interaction Design Institute Ivrea by Ben Fry and Casey Reas.

A number of people have been making additional contributions to Processing and Wiring. The current state of the project wouldn't have been possible without this assistance.

Hernando Barragán

Brett Hagman

Alexander Brevig


Paul Stoffregen http://www.pjrc.com
Michael Margolis
Hans-Christoph Steiner http://at.or.at/hans
Maarten Lamers http://www.maartenlamers.com
Christoph Wartmann
Etienne Ribeiro
Nicholas Zambetti http://zambetti.com
Thomas Ouellet Fredericks
Mikal Hart http://arduiniana.org
Pascal Stang http://www.mil.ufl.edu/~chrisarnold/components/microcontrollerBoard/AVR
Brian Dean
James Partaik
Mikal Hart
Adrian Brzezinski
Adrian McEwen
Bernhard Benum
Bjoern Hartmann
Mark Stanley
Nameet Kumar
Noah Shibley
Pierre Perret
Scott Klemmer
Erik Sjodin
André Knörig
K. Worapoht (based on the work of Peter Fleury) http://www.avride.com/article/wiring
Sebastian Gassner
Sibylle Hauert
John Raines
Annelie Franke
Daniel Wellschmiedt
Mauricio Giraldo
Carolina Agudelo

Wiring Spanish reference Czar:

Carlos Mario Rodríguez
collaboration from Gabriel Zea


Ben Fry

Casey Reas

Instant Soup Tutorial:

Yaniv Steiner, (Project Leader), Massimo Banzi, (Advisor), Giorgio Olivero (Interaction and Visual Designer), Paolo Sancis (Information Designer), Michal Rinott (Editor/Advisor), Riccardo Strobbia (Web)

Wiring Workshop Tutorial (Korean):

Jae-gon Lee

Wiring Challenges (Español / English):

Lina Antolínez, (Project Leader), Jaime Andrés Patarroyo, (Workshops), Carlos Mario Rodríguez (Workshops), David de Los Reyes, (Advisor)
If you want to contact the Wiring Challenges team use this email address: challenges [at] wiring.org.co

Special thanks for their ongoing support and contributions to:

Florian Jennett, Sawad Brooks, Bill Verplank, Gillian Crampton-Smith, Dag Svanaes, FredMartin, Pascal Stang, Tom Igoe, David Cuartielles, David Mellis, Massimo Banzi and the Arduino development community.


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