The Wiring SoftwareSerial library allows for easily reading and writing data to and from external machines through software serial ports. It allows two machines to communicate. Note: the SoftwareSerial class doesn´t have the available() method.

The serial port is a nine pin I/O port that exists on most PCs and can be emulated through USB on Macintosh and PCs with USB Serial adapters.


Wiring SoftwareSerial class (datatype).

Opens the serial port for reading and writing.

Writes dat (int, float, byte, char, char[], numbers in base (DEC, BIN, OCT or HEX) or Strings to the serial port.

It works as the print method but prints a new line character at the end of each call.

Returns a number between 0 and 255 for the next byte that's waiting in the buffer. Returns -1 if there is no byte.

Flushes the serial port buffer. Further calls to read() and available() will return data received after the flush() command was issued.