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#include <nmea.h>

NMEA gps(GPRMC);  // GPS data connection to GPRMC sentence type

// destination coordinates in degrees-decimal
float dest_latitude = 48.858342;
float dest_longitude = 2.294522;

void setup() {
  pinMode(8, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  if (Serial1.available() > 0 ) {
    // read incoming character from GPS
    char c =;

    // check if the character completes a valid GPS sentence
    if (gps.decode(c)) {
      // check if GPS positioning was active
      if (gps.gprmc_status() == 'A') {
        // read distance to destination in meters and set led accordingly
        if (gps.gprmc_distance_to(dest_latitude, dest_longitude, MTR) < 500.0) {
          digitalWrite(8, HIGH);
        } else {
          digitalWrite(8, LOW);
Description Returns distance of the GPS to a given position. For example, your distance in meters to the Dom Tower in Utrecht (Netherlands), is given by gprmc_distance_to(52.090647, 5.121283, MTR). As units of distance, you can use MTR for meters, KM for kilometers, MI for (international) miles, and NM for nautical miles. Distance is calculated as 'great-circle distance' on a perfect sphere. It does not take into account terrain height variations, and Earth is no perfect sphere. As a result, calculated distance may be slightly off by an estimated maximum of 0.5%.
gprmc_distance_to(latitude, longitude, unit)
latitude float
longitude float
unit MTR, KM, MI, or NM
Returns float
Usage Application
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