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This example is for Wiring version 1.0 build 0100+. If you have a previous version, use the examples included with your software. If you see any errors or have comments, please let us know.

HelloPassword by BREVIG

A demonstration of the Password library

#include <Password.h>

Password password = Password( "1234" );

void setup(){
  password.append('1');   //add 1 to the guessed password
  password.append('2');   //add 2 to the guessed password
  password << '3' << '4'; //add 3 and 4 to the guessed password
  Serial.println( password.evaluate() ? "true":"false" ); //should print true, since 1234 == 1234
  password.reset(); //reset the guessed password to NULL
  Serial.println( password.evaluate() ? "true":"false" ); //should print false, since 1234 != NULL
  password.set("qwerty"); //set target password to qwerty
  Serial.println("qwerty") ? "true":"false" ); //should print true, since qwerty == qwerty
  Serial.println( password == "qwirty" ? "true":"false" ); //should print false, since qwerty != qwirty

void loop(){/*nothing to loop*/}