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batteries anyone?! _doubts (Read 8212 times)
04/13/08 at 07:37:28

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wired emotions

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hi all!

is/has anyone ran the wiring board (specially the mini) from batteries?
what did u use?
i'm mostly interest in using rechargeables.

one hypothesis is to use 4 AA niCd (2500mA) which will give 6v but i have some doubts::
has the power from external sources to be  7v to 13v (btw there might be some typos in the documentation, sometimes the max voltage is 13v other is 15v!)?

r there any advantages/disadvantages in using the board's internal voltage regulator or is it better to use a 5v regulator in my circuit and use the vcc inputs?


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Reply #1 - 04/13/08 at 13:59:51

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if you would be using rechargeables, that would be 4*1,2= 4,8 is almost 5V, you would need 5 to reach 6V(and then step it down Tongue)


P.S. I have never run wiring on batteries, though I'm planning to use 1 9V battery(rechargeable)

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Reply #2 - 04/14/08 at 02:37:56

barragan   Offline
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hey, I have used 9V rechargeable, those work well, remember to use the 7-13 VIN + pin for the battery positive, so the on-board regulator will convert it to 5V.
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