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from potentiometer to midi? (Read 15473 times)
03/15/11 at 19:41:30

RobinS   Offline
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Hi everyone,

I'm a musician and I do sound installation.  Until now, nothing had been interactive in the installations.  UYntil now...
I'm a total newbie to wring and/or programming, so please excuse the inexperience/naiveness of my questions Embarrassed

I want to transpose the variation of a potentiometer or a photocell in MIDI so those variations would modify parameters in the AudioMulch patch I'm using.  Is there a way to do so? 
I've been reading the forum and the reference section with little profit, I must say.  Is there someone who can guide me to the objects/concepts to get to my point

Thanks in advance
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Reply #1 - 03/15/11 at 22:38:09

barragan   Offline
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Here there is an example on sending MIDI notes, you just need to read the potentiometer and add what you specifically want to do: http://wiring.org.co/learning/libraries/midi.html
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