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Acceleromenter ADXL335 Vcc wrong? (Read 7854 times)
04/06/10 at 12:45:00

mike9ellis   Offline
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Shouldn't Vcc be connected to 3.3V, since the maximum input voltage to this accelerometer is 3.6V?  That 3.3V should then be connected to AREF?  In the setup function, we should write analogReference(EXTERNAL);?  Or have you gotten this to work with 5V?  If so, does the output voltage range from 0-3V or 0-5V?
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Reply #1 - 04/06/10 at 18:31:45

barragan   Offline
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hi, yes, there is an error on that diagram, the previous version of the breakout was for 5V, this one should go to 3.3. I´ll update it in the next site update. Thank you.
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