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How to know the maximum datarate from USB->Wiring (Read 5407 times)
03/26/10 at 09:34:03

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I am working on a project where I will make a huge screen of leds (approx 15000) which will be multiplexed and daisy chained with shift registers. Each led or pixel will be controlled with Wiring which has to receive realtime data from a computer. I am wondering if I can get Wiring to handle all this data if we would for example want a 15x per second framerate.

Lets say 15000 leds are put into 15000 bits. 15000/8 = 1875 bytes. 1875 bytes x 15 = 28125 bytes per second. If I would want to pwm control each led, the data rate has to be even higher, because then I would have to send the brightness for each pixel.

My question is: Is wiring up to this kind of task?
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Reply #1 - 03/28/10 at 18:08:49

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the Serial max speed is 115200, http://wiring.org.co/reference/libraries/Serial/Serial.html One thing is the serial speed and the other is the ability to refresh the shift registers which support speeds of megahertz, how are you going to do PWM on them? is it PWM or simply refresh rate what you're going to use to control the intensity?
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