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Problem with wiring versions 24-26 (Read 5844 times)
03/12/10 at 15:19:59

Titus   Offline
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Dear Barragan,

I started to work on my robot lately, and I had some troubles with the software versions 24-26.

If you want to upload at 0023, you press upload, save the file, push the reset button and wait, within seconds the program starts uploading.

Now compare this to 0024-0026:
Press upload, save file, reset, wait, programmer not responding: FAIL

It does work when you do this:
press upload, save file, reset, wait for the old program to run, reset again, and the new program starts to upload.



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Reply #1 - 03/12/10 at 15:58:38

barragan   Offline
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hi Titus, the compile time for versions 24 and above seem a bit longer due to optimizations and the new library scheme, if your board is not auto-reset try the manual reset when uploading a bit later than usual, just to make sure the board will be ready to receive the new program.
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Reply #2 - 04/04/10 at 06:37:41

lvwarren   Offline
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I have a manual reset board, so I explored the reset/comm problem on versions 0007, 0023, 0025, 0026

a) 0026: click upload, then click RESET twice, 1 second apart, finds the atmega  99% of time.

b) 0026/0023: new compile is factor of ten slower (8.00/0.75)

c) I need the micros() call, thus i must use 0024 or later.
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