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TINAH - shield board project using wiring board... (Read 5246 times)
05/07/09 at 06:55:01

jon nakane   Offline
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We have 60 Wiring boards, Rev 3 (thanks Hernando!) and designed and built a shield board for the Wiring IO board that allows for:

   * 4 DC motors (max 9V, 1A each with on-board h-bridge driver)
   * access to the enable/direction pins for external motor control
   * 3 RC Servo motors
   * buffered digital and analog inputs
   * 2 switches and 2 knobs for on-board control
   * 16×2 backlit LCD screen

This is in support of a course for 2nd year Engineering Physics students at UBC, as an introduction to prototyping.  Students work in groups of 4 to design and construct autonomous robots, to build robots like these:


We're about to start using the boards in our labs this week, we'll post up information as we find it.  Still a few bugs in our boards (http://www.engphys.ubc.ca/projectlab/phys253/tinah-board/bugs-and-updates/), but nothing that should prevent us from building some very nice robots this term!

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barragan   Offline
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Dear Jon, this is great work, I'll add it to the exhibition section, also to the hardware section. I am working on next software and site update.
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