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Float mulitiplication with negatives error (Read 5003 times)
12/23/08 at 21:32:27

arakourchians   Offline
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I've ran across a very weird phenomena...

say I have a float with the value 0.05, if I multiply it by -1, it results in -1.95!!

float a = 0.05;

this results in -1.95 !!!

Can anyone explain why and how to fix this??
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Reply #1 - 12/25/08 at 09:39:51

Titus   Offline
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I'm definitely going to dig into this;
float a=-0,5
Serial.print(a); prints -1,95 aswell!?

and Serial.print(-0,05) gives overload xD

Strange things going on:

void loop()
 float a = 0.05; // 0.05
 float b = 1-a; //  0.95
 float c = 0-b; //-0.05
Serial.println( c );
b prints out as 0,95 just fine
c prints -1,04(minus one dot zero four, that's just impossible!)
If I do 0+b, it does print out as 0,95, correctly.

So the problem is either in
1)printing values
2)things below zero

I don't have a clue, sorry



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Reply #2 - 12/26/08 at 03:18:55

barragan   Offline
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hi there, sorry, I am out of town, I will check that too, one place to start might be in the WPrint.cpp http://wiring.uniandes.edu.co/source/trunk/wiring/core/WPrint.cpp?revision=488&view=markup in the printFloat method, perhaps the error is there.
I´ll look into it as soon as possible.
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