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Maximum current draw through VCC (Read 6321 times)
12/22/08 at 00:28:38

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I have a lot of sensors hooked up to VCC and I need to draw around 4 amps.

The battery I power the system with can easily handle that, but I was wondering if the board/voltage regulator can?

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Reply #1 - 01/19/09 at 21:58:02

Vaccumdiode2   Offline
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             I recommend that you set up a seperate power supply.   make sure you tie all the grounds together.  The voltage regulator on the wiring board is only rated at 1 amp.   So if you try to use it for 4 amps it is going to blow the fuse or maybe the regulator itself.  I found some 3 amp 5v regulators and I use a few of those for my projects.  Try not to use a regulator to it's limit.  the cooler it runs the better.  Heatsinks are always a good thing on regulators.

Hope this helped

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