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Wiring Timeout During Reset (Read 6879 times)
08/07/08 at 23:17:06

ajcheema   Offline
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I was wondering if it was possible to change the programming time when the RESET button is pressed on the wiring board without changing the boot-loader.

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Reply #1 - 08/08/08 at 08:31:16

Titus   Offline
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You mean the time it takes for wiring to start running the program after the reset button is pressed,

like set it to 0 seconds or 1 or so?
That's something I would like to Tongue

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Reply #2 - 08/08/08 at 16:02:16

barragan   Offline
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The waiting time before starting a program is part of the bootloader program, so you will need to change the bootloader in order to remove it or change it and re-program the modified bootloader in your board using an AVRISP or similar ISP dongle to do it (the ISP connector in the board is used for that). Please check the bootloader source code here: http://wiring.uniandes.edu.co/source/trunk/wiring/bootloader/
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