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pwm pins in wiring board (Read 6154 times)
07/11/08 at 07:04:16

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Hi, I am having some difficulty with the PWM pins and I wanted to make sure I have understood what is happening. I was hoping to have 10 PWM pins, and I thought I could do that by using analog pins 0-5 along with pins 29,39,31, and 35. However, from what I am seeing from the outputs, these pins are actually connected together. That is, analog pin 0 is connected to digital pin 37, analog pin 1 is connected to digital pin 36, analog pin 2 is connected to digital pin 35, etc, all the way down the line to analog pin 5 connected to digital pin 29. So, is there no way around this? I'm guessing not, but I figure its worth a shot to ask.

If it isn't possible to use them independently, I'm really confused as to the advantage of having these digital pins that can be used as analog pins too...it doesn't seem to be doing anything special.

I'm guessing any software PWM's is going to be impractical. I saw some code for software PWM (on arduino's website) but that was too ridiculous, so I'm going to try to make my own simple PWM using delayMicroseconds or something. If somebody has a smarter solution, I would be thankful for any input.
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Reply #1 - 07/12/08 at 02:27:52

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Yes those pins are connected together, there are only 6 PWM pins in the board. In the black Wiring board they are in a separated section (to make things easier for people) and pins are numbered from 0 to 5, in the WiringMini board the pins have to be accesed in the pins as seen hee: http://wiring.org.co/hardware/index.html#040
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