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Interrupt + delays? (Read 3812 times)
03/31/08 at 03:48:16

tylerfurtwangler   Offline
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Does anyone know why my program would not function properly when a delay call was put into an interrupt function?  I know this is a very general question, but from my experimentation the program halted on delay(x) calls from within a interrupt function.  any ideas?

Also, does anyone know if interrupts can occur from within an interrupt?  If I wanted to ensure that this does not happen (and they are allowed to interrupt another interrupt), should I detach the interrupt, run code, then re-attach it?  or is this where the noInterrupts and interrupts functions are used?

-Tyler Furtwangler
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Reply #1 - 03/31/08 at 07:27:05

worapoht   Offline
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Wiring had easier way.. if your application not restict to microsecond, the free running timer may help.
on example,

else you need the real TIMER1 interrupt called.
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