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Wiring Project: Ladies and Men's Room Mixup (Read 8782 times)
02/18/08 at 00:33:37

VanessaCarpenter   Offline
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We created an interactive art installation, entitled the "Ladies and Men's Room Mixup" for a night club, to create a fun and technologically inspiring atmosphere, and to create opportunities for conversation in night clubs.

The project itself can be seen at http://www.halfmachine.dk/projects/24 or through Engadget at: http://www.engadget.com/2008/02/17/led-displays-keep-folks-guessing-at-nightclub-bathrooms/.

We used a Wiring board as main controller. This was through a clock data interface connected to two led matrix displays. The displays had 8x8 pixels. Each pixel was able to show binary RGB, this gave us a total of 8 colors, inclusive black. The different interface were designed in the following way:

Automatic (door)
We placed a pushbutton in each door frame. This was wired to the Wiring board with the data side connected to ground with a 10k ohm resister between (pull down).

The wheel was based on 7 1.2k ohm resistors connected serially. The data pin moved between each resistor giving different readouts depending on the position.

On the first pole we sent out at square wave, on the second we listened to see if the square wave came through. This would only happen if there was a connection between the poles. This way we were able to filter out noise in the air. When not connected, we got measurements of 0-10 and when connected we would get measurements of 800-1200.
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Reply #1 - 02/18/08 at 04:42:37

barragan   Offline
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Dear Vanessa, thank you very much for posting the link, I´d like to feature your project for the exhibition, It is a great work, you´ll be featured with projects from IUAV in Venice. Please say hi and thanks to the rest of your team.
Best regards,
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Reply #2 - 02/18/08 at 17:10:55

Titus   Offline
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What A Freaking Awsome Project!

I love it!

Could you post the code? I'm Curious.
I think your question has been awnsered Tongue

If I'm ever allowed to prank a Night club, I would use this one Tongue

Check www.TeamVossius.nl for our Autonomous soccer robots!
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Reply #3 - 02/19/08 at 18:09:27

Vaccumdiode2   Offline
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Now that is better living throught technology!

This was one great project.

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Reply #4 - 11/19/08 at 20:32:10

barragan   Offline
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