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PWM problem in 13? (Read 35701 times)
Reply #30 - 12/25/07 at 09:19:23

barragan   Offline
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Fixing the problem involved changing of a data type for the analogWrite command, it was int and it should be uint16_t for the value parameter causing the problem.

Yeah I also think it makes sense to do the change to 10 bits, it will make easier for people to use analog Read/Write

Regarding the PWM port, it will be there for the normal Wiring board, the analogWrite command will work as usual with pins 0-5 but also for the 37, 36, 35, 31, 30 and 29 pins from the digital section, both numberings will coexist with the propper explanation, so no need for a select board menu, it should be the same for the Wiring and the mini version. I´ll post more info on the Mini very soon, it will be cool Smiley

0014 will include several updates, bug fixes and addition of the SoftwareSerial and Stepper libraries. I hope to get it there in then next few days, finally got a good time spot to work on it with no interruption Smiley

Thanks for the feedback!
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Reply #31 - 12/29/07 at 21:14:04

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Thanks, that sounds great!
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