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SRF05 (Read 5195 times)
10/14/07 at 17:38:45

Kars   Offline
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Hi there

Im thinking of buying the Devantech SRF05 Ultrasonic range sensor
I think i should read the sensor with the PulseIn command, but the PulseIn command returns the lenghte for a period of time from 10 milliseconds to 3 minute, and the sensor has a echo pulse from 100uS to 25mS. So what happens if my sensor returns a pulse from <10mS? Could Wiring read that short pulse?

Buildig the same as Titus ^^
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Reply #1 - 10/20/07 at 14:58:47

Titus   Offline
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then you would be able to read that sensor very easy, won't you?

But it says "from 10 milliseconds to 3 minutes"... I don't know. barragan?

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Reply #2 - 10/21/07 at 07:28:44

barragan   Offline
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hmm, I have tried this particular sensor and it works really well, but I´ll double check.
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