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Array Class? (Read 4532 times)
09/03/07 at 22:10:15

roypardi   Offline
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Hi ~ Has anyone written an Array class that supports the typical array manipulation methods (push, pop, splice, etc.)? (this is assuming that Wiring doesn't support this already - but from looking through the docs I haven't seen it).

It appears it's not possible to mix data types in an array but having these basic functions would still be very useful.


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Reply #1 - 09/04/07 at 06:01:57

barragan   Offline
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hi Roy, the Array class as you know it in jave hasn´t been implemented yet, only the String class with some minor differences was implemented and made part of the Wiring core. Right now arrays are available using the regula "C/C++" syntax, but I´ll find some time soon to implement the Array class, it shouldn´t be a problem, 0013 is almost ready Smiley
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