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OT? controller boards (Read 3869 times)
08/18/07 at 19:04:24

solidox   Offline
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I want to built a smallish gyrobot and for that I'm looking at three controllers: make, arduino, and wiring.

I like the physical simplicity of the MAKE board, and fact that you can connect things directly without the need for resistors, motor driver chips, etc (most of the time).

Now, what I understand is that the only way to run independent projects on the MAKE board without the need of a computer controlling it is by writing your own C code, running it through the toolchain and finally uploading it. If that's that's case, I'll stick to one of the other two since I prefer the wiring/arduino enviroment.

Is there any way I can use Wiring on the Make board ? I'm guessing there isn't since it's a different chip but I want to be sure.

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Reply #1 - 08/20/07 at 04:13:54

barragan   Offline
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hi, it is a different system so right now it´s not possible.
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