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Power ratings?? (Read 6511 times)
08/07/07 at 23:19:34

johnmchilton   Offline
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As per the diagram at

At the bottom right, where the diagram says VCC, GND, GND, 7-13V+, my board is a little different. It has 9-15v printed by the right-most pin.

Not sure, but am I right in assuming that pin is connected to the external (non-USB) power supply, and that's why the voltage varies? So as corollary, it will only provide power when using a non-USB power supply?

(In either case, which power supply range should I shop for, 7-13v or 9-15v?)

I'm just checking because I'm unsure after reading the ioboard.html page.

Thanks for your knowledge!
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Reply #1 - 08/08/07 at 06:44:33

barragan   Offline
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Yes, that pin is directly connected to the external (non-USB) positive power supply terminal. 9-13V 1000mA center positive will be fine.
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