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Sounds like Light, Lights like Sound (Read 5008 times)
08/02/07 at 12:14:41

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Hi everyone,

This is a message to let you know about my project, Sounds like Light, Lights like Sound. It uses a Wiring board, infrared camera, and a laptop to control sound and some home-made LED lighting in an interactive way.

Sounds Like Light, Lights Like Sound is an interactive immersive installation. It converts any space into a playful environment for the exploration of sound and light. With little prompting, visitors to the space find themselves dancing, moving, and ’spazzing out’ (as several last year put it), as their motion becomes intuitively connected to the sound they are hearing and the light they are seeing. The artwork presents an individual experience for each individual, operating a collaborative relationship between artist, technology and participant.

Find out more, including a video, on the project page.
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