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Do you think it's possible to do this...? (Read 7940 times)
06/26/07 at 23:00:14

Guille   Offline
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Hi, do you think it's possible to build with:
    -  a wiring board
    -  a power suply
    -  two speakers
    -  a mp3/wav music   
    -  a ultrasonic ranger
a device that could play this music when detects somebody near the sensor?

It's like a ding-dong shop entrance but with a specific music.

Which problems do you think I will have?
I am worried about be able to play the music just with the wiring board.


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Reply #1 - 06/29/07 at 14:44:16

cyphunk   Offline
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You will be hard pressed to do it on the wiring alone and besides it will be much easier to separate the audio codec (the mp3 player) to an external module and use wiring for sensor control and management. 

Take a look at the Crucifixion cross project from a student at UDK:
It was either based on Arduino or Wiring platform (compatible with each other) and used an external MP3 module for the audio.

For MP3 modules try Sparkfun:

Perhaps also helpful are the various do-it-yourself mp3 players out there, many found on Makezine:

This is perhaps not a complete answer but hopefully of some help
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Reply #2 - 06/29/07 at 14:52:06

barragan   Offline
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hi, please also check this project: http://www.simonblackmore.net/webstream/ I'll post a bit more later.
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Reply #3 - 07/29/07 at 11:18:51

Guille   Offline
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I did it!

Thank-you very much for all the information and help you gived to me.

At the end I did it with a Kemo Ultrasonic Sensor and a Yampp Industrial III mp3 player.
Also I used an Arduino board, just because here in Barcelona is easier to buy one.

You can find more information about this project here:

Guille López
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