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ADC settings (Read 2506 times)
03/27/07 at 14:49:50

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I'am working with the accelerometer measuring device. Relavant accelerations (in the context of the experiment I'am working on) are interpreted by the accelerometer in the narrow interval of 1V centerd at 2.5V. Resolution of the ADC (5V/1024) is too rough for the accuracy needed. So, is it possible to set the resolved interval of ADC? For example:

set ADC lower bound to 2V,
set ADC upper bound to 3V.

If ADC config. is not variable, is it possible to use some simple piece of electronics to pump the output of accelerometer properly: [2V - 3V] -> [0V - 5V] ?

Thank you in advance!

Have a nice day
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