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Cannot upload program. Windows laptop. v11. (Read 3227 times)
03/23/07 at 02:16:47

Marco   Offline
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Hi all,

I have gone through the whole process of setting up the wiring board, the USB drivers and the development environment in a desktop Windows XP SP2 PC without any trouble.

However, for my classes I need run the stuff on a laptop. I have tryed teh same procedure without success. The laptop runs WIndows XP SP2 fully updated, with wiring 11 and the last version of the drivers which I installed using the excutable CDM_Setup.exe.

When running in the desktop I get virtual com port number 6 whick work just right. In the laptop I get port number 18, the the wiring IDE displays the following error message:

the selected serial port -> /dev/com18 does not exist or your board is not connected
Error: No such file or directory
-> /dev/com18

when triying to upload a program into the board... I have rebooted the laptop, connected and disconnected the board, etc. many times without any success.

What I am doing wrong?

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Reply #1 - 03/23/07 at 03:08:22

barragan   Offline
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Nothing weird, the problem is the serial number, for some reason your system assigned to your serial the number 18, try to do this with your board connected:

Open /Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager/
search for Ports(COM & LPT)

Select USB Serial Port (COM18) I guess in your case (remember the board must be connected before doing this)

Open it or right-click Properties
select Port Settings tab
click Advanced
and then select a different COM Port Number try something below COM8 even if they appear as (in use) and click OK until it ends.

All this happened t me once, even if my laptop only had 1 serial port, a Bluetoth dongle I installed messed up with my COM ports so I had to do all this and selected COM4 for my Wiring board.
From now on your board will be available in the COM you select.

Let me know.

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Reply #2 - 03/23/07 at 20:48:07

Marco   Offline
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Barcelona, Spain

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Thanks a lot. I tried with COM7 and it just worked fine. I'm happy now!!!!

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