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Stability of the USB power supply? (Read 5839 times)
03/08/07 at 11:27:27

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Does anyone know how stable is the +5V power supply via USB? I am especialy interested in dynamics of the voltage when serial communication (via USB) is in progress, does it influence the voltage stability? I do not have oscilloscope for the accurate measurement. I need some general experimental facts about USB power stability in various circumstances. Is it recommendable to use indirect USB power supply for measuring devices (like accelerometer), or is it better to use standalone (USB independent) power supply?

Thank you in advance,

Benjamin B.
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barragan   Offline
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hi, it shouldn't be a problem for small current consumption devices (http://wiring.org.co/ioboard/index.html#100) the power coming from the USB is regulated and decoupled as far as I know. But for connecting devices that drawn a lot power it is definitely better to get an external power supply.
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