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Wiring board crash with USB serial comms (Read 2783 times)
02/21/07 at 14:50:05

frey   Offline
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I'm having some issues with the performance of the serial port emulator under Windows XP.

I only have two USB ports on my laptop and I am trying to run a USB sound card, USB video capture device, and the Wiring board all at the same time. This means I need to run two of these devices through a USB hub. If I put the Wiring board on a hub, it works fine until I try to either play sound or capture video (depending on what is sharing the hub).

When I do this, the board seems to crash if I try and send it too much data over the serial connection, where 'too much' means > ~100 bytes per second. What's more it's a spectacular crash: I've put diagnostic digitalWrite all through my loop() function, and I'm leaving digital pins in HIGH state at the end of the loop, and the crashes bring absolutely everything down.

I'm running Windows XP - just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing? My laptop has an RS232 port so maybe I'll use that instead... either that or try the FTDI D2XX drivers.
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Reply #1 - 02/22/07 at 08:05:17

barragan   Offline
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hi, it looks like a driver issue, I have used the board with a hub but certainly not sharing it with other high throughput devices. Can you post a bit of the code you're using?
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