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Bootloading question (Read 5050 times)
02/14/07 at 17:02:53
jamesTichenor   Ex Member

I wanted to use an avrisp to burn the probram onto the board without the 6 second startup delay.

I had done this with arduino with an AVRISP mkII and avr studio.

but my question is a confusion about pins. the output of the AVRISP mkII has 6 pins but there are 10 on what looks to be the ISP part of the wiring board.

Any advice. I had seen some post where people used and AVRISP to write to the chip. but im confused if there is a differnece between the AVRISP and the AVRISP mkII.. I thought maybe that was the problem and when i thought i was ordering the regular (from digikey) one i got the mkII so maybe is simply replaced the other?
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Reply #1 - 02/15/07 at 04:48:33

barragan   Offline
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hi James, well there are 2 versions of the ISP connector as you said 6 and 10 pin, the avrisp has the two type of connectors, and it comes with the 2 cables (6 and 10pins) so you can exchange the cable and use the appropriate.
I'll check on the differences with the one you are mentioning.
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