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What Board to Start With? MAKE or Wiring (Read 3358 times)
01/22/07 at 21:38:50

tbennett   Offline
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I posted this message over at the MAKE board too.

I'm trying to get started with a microcontroller project and I can't figure out which board I should get - the MAKE or the WIRING board. It looks like i could get started a lot quicker with the Wiring board, as the java style syntax is a lot more familiar to me. Also, there's the price difference which is substantial.

But, I'll be using the board to with several digital, and analog or pwm inputs, and will need at least 2 servos, and some digital outputs too.

I'll also be writing a C# application that will be used to configure the project and log report data. So easy integration would be a big benefit. Especially if I can run the config tool over tcp/udp. Wiring doesn't have ethernet does it?

Anyone think Wiring would be sufficient for my needs? Any help to get me started would help a lot. Thanks!
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Reply #1 - 01/23/07 at 04:57:19

barragan   Offline
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hi, a TCP/IP stack is on the way which will work with most of the ethernet dongles available for micro-controllers. Here you can find the features of the Wiring I/O board. http://wiring.org.co/ioboard/index.html
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