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Communicating to a 3.3v I2C Device (Read 3197 times)
01/16/07 at 19:59:23

janes   Offline
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I am trying to have the wiring board communicate to the 3.3v LIS3LV02DQ
accelerometer I got at spark fun. Is there a easy way to get the board to drop the I2C level to 3.3v or build a circuit that will do it? I am assuming it isn't as simple as connecting the pin from the board to a resistor to a diode and then to the accelerometer and then those same pins from the accelerometer to a diode to the board. As you can tell I am a little new to this.
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Reply #1 - 01/17/07 at 07:13:24

Alan_Kilian   Offline
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Wiring? It looks like
Java to me.

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You can take a look at:
but I wouldn't recommend it for someone inexperienced in it.

It's probably better to build the circuit in section 2.3 of:
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