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objects and classes in Wiring (clear example?) (Read 4311 times)
12/11/06 at 03:30:38

roy_pardi   Offline
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I'm working on a project now that I'd like to be a little more ambitious with in terms of the Wiring side: having it be standalone rather than in slave mode communicating pin states to Director.

I would like to use objects and classes and in Director (or Flash) I could do the programming easily but I'm a bit lost with this in Wiring. I've searched through the forums and found a couple of starting references but since the person was posting about problems they were having, they never posted what actually worked (a bit like having the last chapter of a novel ripped out: so how does it end!? Wink

This thread for example:

I couldn't figure out how to instantiate an object either.

Are there any other examples or references I may have missed?



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Reply #1 - 12/11/06 at 08:21:54

barragan   Offline
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hi Roy, there is more information on this here: http://wiring.org.co/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1144744422
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