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programmer is not responding (Read 2285 times)
11/04/06 at 11:26:57

jhoepffner   Offline
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I just buyed a wiring card and I am testing it. For the moment it work perfectly on my iMac (1,4 Ghz PPC, MacOs 10.3.9) but on my TiBook (0,4 Ghz PPC, MacOs 10.3.9), when I try to upload a program (with wiring 09), it give me "programmer is not responding, RESET the board right before exporting". I try to reinstall FTDIUSBSerialDriver, but I have the response from the installer: "Vous ne pouvez pas installer ce logiciel sur ce volume. A newer version of the package is already installed".

perhaps I have to deinstall other version but how and where?

I tried also to reactivate "macosx_setup.command" and restart, but the result is the same.

For the moment, in tools/serial ports, I have the choice between :
– /dev/tty.modem
– /dev/cu.modem
– /dev/tty.irDA-irCOMMch-b
– /dev/cu.irDA-irCOMMch-b

on my working iMac, I have:
– /dev/tty.modem
– /dev/cu.modem
– /dev/tty.usbserial-1B1
– /dev/cu.usbserial-1B1

anybody can help me? I need to use the TiBook for teaching

Thank you in advance
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