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updating firmware on Wiring board? (Read 4881 times)
08/09/06 at 00:20:41

djones   Offline
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When downloading my 1st program (led_blinks) to my new Wiring board
it displays the Firmware version (1.15),  Huh which makes me wonder
(a) where can I check online to find out whether I have up-to-date Firmware,
and also check in the future when Firmware updates become available?, and ...
(b) how would I download the a Firmware update?

David Jones
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Reply #1 - 08/09/06 at 09:20:26

barragan   Offline
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That's the boot loader version, so far that's the only firmware it has been publicly released with the Wiring board. The bootloader uses the AVR protocol to speak with the Wiring programming environment; this protocol is compatible with other devices, so the 1.15 you see every time there is just the current version of the protocol used.
If a newer bootloader appears then you'll be able to upload it in the Wiring board by using the 10 pin ISP connector on it.

When you upload your code into the board, you are uploading the latest Wiring software made, including libraries etc into it, so every time we update the software and you download your new program into your board you are running the latest Wiring core version.

You can check the core source code at http://wcvs.uniandes.edu.co
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