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I think I killed my board :( (Read 7146 times)
04/22/06 at 22:05:23

tobyclemson   Offline
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Hi there,

I've been playing around with my wiring board for a while now and all had been going fine. I was just testing out a small circuit for a project I am in the middle of and I think I burnt my board out.

I was powering it using an external power supply of about 13.6 V. I connected up but accidentally connected my 13V line to either the VCC pin or the ground pin next to vcc (not sure which). The power supply ground was connected to the correct board ground. The jumper was still in the USB power position but the board started to smoke as I switched on the supply so I disconnected very quickly and I seem to have killed it. I can't remember which of the above pins I was connected to as I pulled them out very quickly.

While the board was smoking, both the power LED and the diagnostic LED were on. Now I get nothing when I power externally and when I power via USB I get the 2 LEDs on as above but the computer can't 'see' the USB device.

I understand this is completely my fault but I was wondering if anyone has any idea as to what component I could replace to fix the board (I was thinking the power regulation IC or the microcontroller are good candidates) and whether it is possible to replace them (surface mount not being that easy).

I am on a really tight time scale so I would really appreciate feedback otherwise I'll just have to buy another board and hope it arrives in time (I'm in the UK).

Thanks in advance,

Toby Clemson
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Reply #1 - 04/24/06 at 03:44:06

Alan_Kilian   Offline
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I connected up but accidentally connected my 13V line to either the VCC pin or the ground pin next to vcc (not sure which).

While the board was smoking, both the power LED and the diagnostic LED were on.

I think since the power LED was lit that you connected to the VCC line.

If you had connected your power supply ground AND power to ground pins the power LED would not have lit.

What tools do you have to diagnose things?
Do you have an oscilloscope?

I'm thinking it's best to get another board if you have a project that needs completing.
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Reply #2 - 09/16/06 at 20:08:35

drmutiny   Offline
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I seem to have fried my board as well. But luckily it seems to be the USB interface as I still seem to be able to run the program that I had loaded on to the board. I pretty sure it’s the USB chip, could it be the fuse?

I accidentally hooked up the VCC instead of the ground. Which then caused the USB chip to begin smoking( always a bad sign). The VCC and ground are unfortunately awfully close to one another.

What I want to know is it possible to replace the USB chip?  I have some experience working with surface mounted components but I don't know if the USB chip needs some kind of programming or some other thing that I am unaware of to make it function.

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Reply #3 - 09/18/06 at 17:23:42

barragan   Offline
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Yes the USB chip might be gone; I don't think it is the fuse, if the fuse were the problem then the board should work by using the external power instead of the USB.
The USB chip can be replaced. You can't actually unsolder the chip. What you need to do if you want t do it is to break the pins very near to the chip, by using a knife, you'll see the pins are very fragile and they break very easily. By doing it as close as possible to the chip itself the board will be perfectly fine, you can remove then the black part of the chip, the chip little pins will be there and now you can take them off by heating them up with the solder, then you can try to solder a new USB chip. Not sure how clear this is for you, let me know.
Send me your address and I'll send you a USB chip by mail. It will take a while but I can do that if you want to give it a try.
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Reply #4 - 09/19/06 at 00:38:33

djones   Offline
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If you do the "surgery" to replace the damaged USB chip on your Wiring board,
PLEASE take pictures before, during, and after so other people can benefit
from your experience. ... even if it turns out to be unsuccessful in the end.

-- djones
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Reply #5 - 01/23/07 at 11:06:27

frey   Offline
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I think I may have done something similar - though without the smoke.

I accidentally connected an external 15V power supply to either ground or VCC, the power light flashed, and then it *seemed* to be OK.

Now, though, when I plug the board in to USB, the power light comes on, and Windows sees there's a USB device but can't figure out what it is. The program on the chip doesn't appear to be running either.

Could it be a power regulator IC issue in my case?
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Reply #6 - 01/23/07 at 23:00:18

frey   Offline
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Ok, more info: The USB hub my board was plugged in to, as well as the USB audio/MIDI interface that was also plugged into the hub, are also toast.  Cry

I'm guessing that means that I probably blew up the FTDI chip, and possibly the ATmega128 as well.

I only have a multimeter here - can I test anything just using that?

(And what can I do to prevent this happening in future? Some kind of a diode to the ground pin? Why doesn't the design of the board prevent such things from happening?)
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