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Message started by cbohart on 06/07/11 at 07:55:35

Title: Three boards have seemed to go dead
Post by cbohart on 06/07/11 at 07:55:35
I purchased two boards and programed each to do various things.  One I set up with a temp 102 on the IC2 and it merrily sent out temps.  I altered the code many times.  The second I programed to do switching in response to input.

Then the #2 board went dead.  When I changes a program it stopped responding.  I ordered another board.

That new board I plugged into the USB and it started blinking.  I loaded a program into it and it stopped responding.  I reloaded the blink program and it would not blink. 

THe first board I changed the program and it too stopped responding.

The wiring software assert that the code is indeed writing to the chip as it is reading and writing to the registers.

I am using a machine running fedora14 and it is the machine that I have been successfully working with these boards for weeks.

Are these boards indeed dead and is there a way to confirm this?  Is something else happening that I don't understand?

The new board was on anti static foam and was wearing a strap when I just now worked with it for the first time.

Please advise on this matter please.

Title: Re: Three boards have seemed to go dead
Post by cbohart on 06/07/11 at 17:10:21
As an update, when I reboot my computer into windows XP I was able to upload into the 1st and 3rd boards and get them to come back to life but the 2nd board stays dead.

I noticed also that the linux v of the 27 software exhibited other odd behavior such as the usb port going away for the board and me having to replug to get it back.  Uploading from the linux platform made the boards unresponsive.

Might the boot loader on  the bad board be blown?  And how do I clean out the 27 software completely in order to reload a clean install?

Please advise.


Title: Re: Three boards have seemed to go dead
Post by barragan on 06/07/11 at 17:49:36
hi Which boards are you using? Where did you get them from?
It might be a bootloader problem. But before taking any action with it, please allow for a few days for the Wiring 1.0 beta to be released, it will include a way for programming a bootloader into a board using a working board.

Title: Re: Three boards have seemed to go dead
Post by cbohart on 06/08/11 at 00:58:19
These boards look just like the v13 pcb eagle file.  I bought them all from Sparks Fun within a span of just 6 weeks or so.

As I posted, 2 of them came back to life when I reprogramed them with the 0027 windows version software, but not the 3rd.  The software did say that it was writing to the board and that it successfully completed.  This happen on all boards when they went non-responsive after re-programming on the linux system.

I am looking forward to the new release and will be watching for it.  I will go after the boot loader on the dead board and report back to you.

I am though wary now about programming any board from the linux software.  I think that I may be OK using them with linux and the Python GUI's I made to coordinate them, but I haven't tested this yet due to time constraints.  When I have check this thoroughly I will report the results to you.

Thanks for the quick response and I look ford to the beta!

Title: Re: Three boards have seemed to go dead
Post by cbohart on 06/09/11 at 07:52:54
As an update-

I downloaded from the wiring website the linux version of wiring-0027 so that I could reload it.  I trashed the old software only and emptied the trash.

Just before this I ran a python script that reads the serial output on whatever ttyUSB port has data and displays it.  Before I had trouble, I read the tenp as degrees F with this script.

After bring the board back to life with wiring on XP and reloading the program,  the python script displayed an odd number.  It should have been 71.x f but was instead 6.71 or so.

I edited the program to display some other items up the line from the temp and loaded it with the new install of wiring software.  THe board then went dead again.

My OS is fedora 14 and everything was working good until a few days ago with no noticeable event.  I have yet to load eclipe et al onto XP to cross referece the same script and I have another machine to put a clean fedora load onto to see if it is the machine or if something has corrupted my OS on the machine.

I have revived the board with the XP software and it's working.  And wiring software does read the "live" board output correctly.  It just kills the board on a write.

I suspect that my python is truncating the temp and giving me everything except the second place to the left but it was displaying correctly before things went haywire.

While I'm waiting for the beta I'll set up the other machine for cross reference and set up the XP for python and eclipse to cross platform check the scripts.

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