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Message started by Henrique Santos on 03/09/11 at 21:17:20

Title: Atmega128 @ 18.432 mhz
Post by Henrique Santos on 03/09/11 at 21:17:20
I am using board with Atmega128 processor the 18,432 mhz. I have that to change or to insert some parameter before compiling?

Title: Re: Atmega128 @ 18.432 mhz
Post by barragan on 03/09/11 at 21:39:39
for 0027 you could create a copy or modify the hardware/targets/atmega128 directory, and in the file WConstants.h you'll find the speed #define F_CPU 16000000L which you could change.
We have a completely new scheme for doing this for next release, which will be wonderful, you can create your own board entries and add them, and define your own specs in a configuration file

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