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Message started by patrick_r on 03/06/11 at 18:33:02

Title: For Sale: Wiring board (ATmega 128) - no clone!
Post by patrick_r on 03/06/11 at 18:33:02
Hi all,

I'm putting up my hardly used Wiring board for sale. It's a genuine Wiring board, no clone, I think I bought it new around 2007 from Florian (related to the Wiring project), it features the ATmega 128 and Firmware 1.15. I guess it's a Rev.004 type or older, as it doesn't have +3,3V power supply pins. As I said, it's hardly been in use at all as I'm pretty much useless with the IDE and I have rather relied on my Arduino in the past (because it was easier to get code for and up to now there was no need for that many pins).

That said, my expectation is 27 plus shipping, which for all EU states is 16 registered&insured or 9 without. Payment can be made instantly via PayPal (+2 because of PP fees) or standardized european money transfer (no extra costs). Shipping timeframe is roughly 7 working days, I'll send it as soon as the payment cleared.

To assure you that this is no fraud, you will get my full address plus landline and mobile phone numbers so you can beat my ass IF you think you have to ::)

Best, Patrick

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