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Message started by joan on 10/17/10 at 22:21:15

Title: Grammar/Syntax (YACC/ANTLR) for Wiring
Post by joan on 10/17/10 at 22:21:15

I'm interested in the formal specification of the wiring language for use in YACC/ANTLR etc etc.

I've used a couple of grammars for AnsiC and C# as a "starting point" and can syntax check a few arduino demo programs using them. But there are clearly differences in the language that I would need to address, and it would be very helpful if I could get a more detailed spec of wiring to do this.

Thanks in advance..

Title: Re: Grammar/Syntax (YACC/ANTLR) for Wiring
Post by barragan on 10/18/10 at 04:09:16
Hi joan, there used to be a language preprocessor using antlr in older versions of Wiring, you can still find the files in the source tree: http://wiring.uniandes.edu.co/source/trunk/wiring/app/src/processing/app/preproc/
It has no effect today, the whole language is based on C/C++, the API is written in C/C++ so the avr-gcc is used directly to compile the sketches.

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