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Message started by glasspusher on 05/03/10 at 23:35:01

Title: Change clock speed?
Post by glasspusher on 05/03/10 at 23:35:01
Hi all,
This seems like the most appropriate place to ask this- is it possible, by changing something in a header or library in Wiring, to change the default clock from 16 MHz to 8MHz? I'm using Wiring to write firmware for a Atmega128 on a different board. Everything works fine except my timing is off by a factor of two, owing to the different clock speed.

Thanks for any help!


Title: Re: Change clock speed?
Post by barragan on 05/04/10 at 23:55:12
yes there is the define for the F_CPU please check the properties file for the f_cpu field and set it for the right speed. Please check also the source code for the Compiler.java: http://wiring.uniandes.edu.co/source/trunk/wiring/app/src/processing/app/debug/Compiler.java?revision=725&view=markup Let me know.

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