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Message started by blingbling on 04/17/10 at 20:38:58

Title: Wiring vs Arduino
Post by blingbling on 04/17/10 at 20:38:58

as i have no answer for my previous question, i want to know what is the best card between Wiring and Arduino?
My future project is for first to read the value of a temperature sensor, get the information from he sensor and store them in a text file.

Thanks to all. Have a nice week-end.

Title: Re: Wiring vs Arduino
Post by barragan on 04/17/10 at 23:01:02
hi, basic differences are in the hardware and can be found here: http://wiring.org.co/hardware/compare.html Wiring has a large memory capacity (which allows you to have larger programs and data) and I/O pins. Arduino implements the Wiring language (the set of commands) but there are some slight differences at the moment, for example things like String and Vector available in Wiring need to be ported to arduino, but the language is pretty stable and compatible allowing the code to work on both platforms with no changes or very small ones.

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