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Message started by boardregsux on 09/08/09 at 03:17:19

Title: Serial rxtx problem
Post by boardregsux on 09/08/09 at 03:17:19
I've been trying to get Wiring to work with my Modern Device RBBB (Arduno Decemillia) with no luck.  I took me a lot of digging in the preveous versions of wiring to find the macosx_support.command, but when I run it it doesnt appear to do anything.  I'm currently running wiring 0020 on Mac OSX 10.5.8, Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook.  I've just been trying to get an LED to blink.  I know my code is right because it works with the Arduino programer.  When I try to upload using wiring I get this error:  avrdude: stk500_2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout.  And there's no communication over the rx or tx pins, checked with speaker and led, got nothing (I do get expected blinks and pops with arduino programmer)  So yeah, I'm at a loss, why doesn't wiring work?

Title: Re: Serial rxtx problem
Post by barragan on 09/08/09 at 04:31:12
It could be steps 3 or 4 in the setup http://wiring.org.co/hardware/software_setup.html
Select the correct serial port in the menu (Step 3), and second if you have revision 0003 or 0004 board select Firmware version 2.x (Step 4).
Also if your board is revision 0004, you donīt need to press the reset button in the board to upload or restart a new program, it is automatic now. Please let me know.

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