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Message started by David on 06/08/09 at 05:45:28

Title: Create new example
Post by David on 06/08/09 at 05:45:28
Could you send me the image illustrator file to create a new one for onewire device ? Exemple :
Thank you.

Title: Re: Create new example
Post by barragan on 10/31/09 at 20:12:07
hi David, the QED123 can be connected exactly as a regular LED the short leg goes to ground as shown in the diagram: http://wiring.org.co/learning/examples/led_blinks.html
the diagram shows how to connect a led to a digital pin, the led could also be connected to a PWM (analog output pin) like this: http://wiring.org.co/learning/examples/led_fade.html
so you could control "intensity" for it.
Let me know if this is fine for you.

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