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Message started by Titus on 05/03/09 at 15:56:45

Title: Crappy serial monitor?
Post by Titus on 05/03/09 at 15:56:45
Dear Barragan,

After a few weeks(could be more or less) of coping with it, it became to irritating:

I upload a program, that just checks a few simple if's, reads some sensors and decides whether to print "left" or "right". Followed by a 2 seconds delay.

When I reset wiring, I enable the Serial Monitor.
The program starts running(I see the yellow led blink(rx tx led)).
But my serial monitor isn't receiving anything!

So I reset again, etc I cut the power to wiring, and reconnect it. Still nothing happens.

Then I upload a "debug" printing code, In stead of reading sensors, it just prints "hello world".
I upload, reset, enable serial monitor(same order as before) and It works.

So I decide to upload the main program agin.
I do exactly the same as the first time, but this time it works.

It's EVERY time I want to read something!
I have to upload, upload something different, and upload the correct one again.

I don't know if it worked fine in 0018, but it did work fine a few months ago(could be more or less again)

Do you have any Idea what it could be.
Settings are correct, correct COM port, correct Firmware(1.X)

It's so irritating! Please help.

Thank you very much


I wondered, if you disconnect wiring while running the serial monitor, the screen freaks out with orange letters. Can't the serial monitor turn off, instead of freaking out?

Also, would it be possible to have the serial monitor always enabled? or activated once something is received?

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