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Message started by hype1 on 04/09/09 at 12:37:19

Title: Bitquid
Post by hype1 on 04/09/09 at 12:37:19
Hi folks,

I am now exhibiting my Bitquid @ STRP Festival, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It is build with Wiring and Processing.


I want to thank you all for giving me the possibility to accomplish this (for me) difficult task! This site and the hardware/software have been of great use.

Is it possible that this project can be added to the exhibition gallery on the site?

The project:

Bitquid explores the imaginary dividing line where the digital world ends and the analogue world begins. The past 30 years we started to live in a digital world that in reality is really abstract and exact. Jeroen Holthuis investigates with Bitquid a way to make digital information and our lives tangible again. In our analogue environment, the transfer of information is never as exact as the transfer of information in the digital world, the protocols are very different.

Bitquid consists out of a system of hoses with a total length of about 800 metres. The system can communicate 32 bits at a time. There are two screens, the first screen shows an image before it is sent through the system, the second screen displays the re-digitized image.

From bits to atoms, the binary information leaks in our tangible world. These atoms are a fluorescent liquid that is pumped through the hoses. On there way through our analogue environment, these bits will get altered, because this world leaves a stain, a mark on the information. At the end of the system the binary information gets analysed again, revealing an image build of non-electronic transported data.

Best regards,

Jeroen Holthuis

Title: Re: Bitquid
Post by barragan on 04/09/09 at 15:40:22
hey, definitely it looks fantastic!!

Title: Re: Bitquid
Post by Titus on 04/09/09 at 17:19:08
Wow, cool.

STRP Festival 2009, Staat ie op Roboludens?
Ik zou wel even willen langs komen dan uit amsterdam!

Succes met de première!


Title: Re: Bitquid
Post by hype1 on 04/09/09 at 21:50:14

Roboludens? Never heard of that one... What is it?

Title: Re: Bitquid
Post by Titus on 04/10/09 at 07:49:59
Oh, sorry, never mind.
Roboludens isn't even continuing this year.
It's a cool event all about robots. It used to host the Robocup competitions as well(also the Juniors, in which Kars and I compete)

I might come and see it on the strp.


Title: Re: Bitquid
Post by barragan on 04/13/09 at 00:18:59
there you go http://wiring.org.co :)

Title: Re: Bitquid
Post by hype1 on 04/14/09 at 12:42:08
Thanks :)

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