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Message started by doi_stl on 04/09/09 at 02:33:59

Title: stk500boot.hex
Post by doi_stl on 04/09/09 at 02:33:59
I hope this is the right place, if not please move to the appropiate forum.

In the core/bootloader

What is the difference between
stk500boot.hex vs. stk500boot_7secondsDelay.hex

Obviously, the latter has 7 seconds delay. What about the former ?
No delay, and what else ?
What does it do ?

Thanks for the info.

Title: Re: stk500boot.hex
Post by barragan on 04/09/09 at 07:28:51
the bootloader stk500boot.hex has only a 2-3 second delay and it is intended to be usedwith the new Wiring board which features auto-reset for uploading and restarting (no manual reset needed for boards with revision number 0004).
the stk500boot_7secondsDelay.hex bootloader is intended for boards prior to revision 0004 which require manual reset for uploading and restarting (7 seconds was the time choosen for a person to press the reset switch and the upload button on the Wiring software).

Thatīs all the diference.

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