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Message started by jj on 03/12/09 at 13:54:01

Title: Basic arduino/wiring tutorials..?
Post by jj on 03/12/09 at 13:54:01
Hello World!
     I'm a newbie, working my way through the advice and tutorials
on the arduino/wiring sites. Using Arduino 12 on a Mac, a Duemilanove,
and an 8x8 LED matrix with a Maxim 7219 chip...
In ' Wiring - Reference - Libraries - LED matrix - write ' I found a sketch
which creates a sprite called 'wave' and animates it across the matrix.
This looked good, worked well, and I could change the delay value to slow it
down... However, when I try to change the sprite in any way (shape, size,etc.)
I get an error message
...error: 'b00100100' was not declared in this scope In function 'void loop()':

I have not found an explanation for this. Am I not looking in the right places?
My questions are; - What has happened here?
                      - Where are the best simple tutorials?

Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks!
Im wondering if I should be on the arduino forum?

Title: Re: Basic arduino/wiring tutorials..?
Post by barragan on 03/13/09 at 02:18:03
Please post some code to look at it.

Title: Re: Basic arduino/wiring tutorials..?
Post by jj on 03/13/09 at 09:28:34
13 mar '09

How random! (as the young people say)
Fiddling with the sprite got more and more strange.
Sometimes I could make the sprite smaller, sometimes I did not seem to
be able to change it at all without getting the error message on compiling.
I never was able to make the sprite bigger (than the LED matrix), which
is what I really wanted to do...

here's an example...

/* create a new Matrix instance
  pin 2: data  (din)
  pin 4: load  (load)
  pin 3: clock (clk)

#include <Matrix.h>
#include <Binary.h>
#include <Sprite.h>

Matrix myMatrix = Matrix(2, 3, 4);

/* create a new Sprite instance
  14 pixels wide, 4 pixels tall
Sprite wave = Sprite(
 14, 4,
 B00000011000000,                   //this line highlighted in error message!

void setup()

int x = 0;

void loop()
 myMatrix.write(x, 2, wave);      // place sprite on screen
 myMatrix.write(x - 8, 2, wave); // place sprite again, elsewhere on screen
 delay(75);                               // wait a little bit
 myMatrix.clear();                     // clear the screen for next animation frame
 if(x == 8)                                // if reached end of animation sequence
   x = 0;                                   // start from beginning
 x++;                                       // advance x coordinate to the right

error: 'B00000011000000' was not declared in this scope

I wish to be able to scroll, in x and y axes, around a 'picture' which is a lot bigger (say 25 x 25?) than the 8x8 LED matrix. Making a large 'sprite' and moving it around seemed like an elegant way of achieving this. However if the sprite size is limited I'll need to think again.

Is there a maximum 'sprite' size?
Does a large 'sprite' need too much memory?
Thanks. (I love my arduino)


Title: Re: Basic arduino/wiring tutorials..?
Post by barragan on 03/13/09 at 15:06:09
hi, ok got it, the Sprite are 8 pixels width, you can create multiple sprites but this should be maximum width for it. What you can do is to have different frames for your animation, each frame of 8 bits (8 pixel width) and then add as many rows as you want.
The error you are getting is because the constants are defined only for bytes from 0 to 255 (B00000000 to B11111111)

If you are interested you can look at the definition file for these constants here: http://wiring.uniandes.edu.co/source/trunk/wiring/core/Binary.h?revision=449&view=markup
let me know.

Title: Re: Basic arduino/wiring tutorials..?
Post by jj on 03/14/09 at 10:16:36
Thanks. I'll think about this..!
Kind of you to comment.

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