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Message started by thomsen on 06/16/08 at 18:36:11

Title: DIY - Wiring Compatible PCB in Germany
Post by thomsen on 06/16/08 at 18:36:11
at the moment i plan to create my own pcb-layout for a wiring compatible device.

It is mostly based on the schematics in the download section, but hase some additional things.

Following stuff is added / modified:
1 Rectifier so it can be powerd from any AC/DC voltage from 5-15 V
1 Max232 - so the serial signal is compatible with the rs232 on a pc
The I/O-Pins are with made with special conectors ( order-Number "PS 25/10G WS" @ www.reichelt.de  ) - a little bit more sollid ..
and some other modifications....

I also think about building it so that aditional moduls ( Sensors, Actors,... ) can be put together like a sandwich....

Is any body intressted to help me or sombody wants some ?

Greets thomas

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