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Message started by thomsen on 06/12/08 at 18:40:33

Title: wearable led jacket
Post by thomsen on 06/12/08 at 18:40:33
Here i will tell you a litte about my first / current / last project with wiring.

I was asked to create an lighting jacket for an well known german pop band.
So we first thougt about the material of it. We decidet to use an pretty strong clear foil.
Well it was pretty hard to solder 200 superflux led's to it, but finaly we made it.  8-)
Our first thougths was about controling it with dmx ( theatre/party light protocol - based on rs485 ), but our client wanted to have it controled with an little remote control. So we only had 7 days to plan / order / build everything.

We had the choise between adurino and wiring.... the choise was pretty easy.
Cause wiring offers much more chanels without extra hardware.

Hmm, what to write now.... :-/

I know ...


200 Superflux-LEDs 3,4V / 20mA / 3 Lumen
1 DIY-Chaos-Wiring.... Not beauty but working  ::)
6 ULN2803A Drivers for the LEDs
1 7805 to power wiring
4 7809 to power leds
some switches,resistors, pcb's ,screws....
1 LiPo-Rechargeable battery 12V 5000mAh  ... 5C ( means can hold 25A for some time )

7 different Lightning-Programms , controled via RC

More text/pics soon.... ( not allowed to publish jet ) ...

Greets Thomas

Title: images of LED jacket
Post by thomsen on 06/13/08 at 15:46:20
here they are -->

vids follow

Title: Re: wearable led jacket
Post by barragan on 06/13/08 at 22:56:01
hey great, please keep on going documenting it, it will be great to have it in the exhibit. :)

Title: Re: wearable led jacket
Post by thomsen on 06/15/08 at 20:12:19
some images of the first concert...

Title: UPDATE: VIDEO of LED Jacket
Post by thomsen on 06/26/08 at 19:00:05

here is a video of the event :


the jacket is in use at minute 4:30 ...
i hope i'll get a better video next days...  :-[

Title: wearable led jacket
Post by barragan on 11/19/08 at 20:32:10
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