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Message started by julienb on 05/13/08 at 10:50:44

Title: my Wiring Board needs to talk to Max
Post by julienb on 05/13/08 at 10:50:44

I would like to know if anyone would have an idea, a thought, a project about creating a library for Wiring board in order to make it communicate easily with other software.

SimpleMessageSystem works fine.
Maxuino seems great too (midi-based I read..)

My main target is to create a data communication between the Wiring Board and Max/Msp.
I'm close to code my own little/minimal protocol.
Indeed, I'll use about 4 Max7221 (or 3, I don't know) and I'll need special adaptated functions for the board part.

But for the com part (i mean the interface between Wiring Board & max) could you advice me something? a lib? a code or theorical principle?
Indeed, I won't need very big frames of data. only update for LEDs.
I know monome included is own "little" protocol.
I'll need something like that.

Do you think MIDI could fit better?
In that case, will MIDI via USB/Serial connection be fast/reliable/sure ?

any ideas will be welcome!

Title: Re: my Wiring Board needs to talk to Max
Post by N201LJ on 06/02/08 at 22:20:36
Just so I understand - you're looking for a communication protocol between Wiring and MAX7221 devices to drive LED's?

It looks like from the MAX7221 data sheet that it uses SPI.   Just glancing at the protocol, you should probably use software SPI because the data gets sent in 16 bit packets.

Basically, you select the chip (CS* or LOAD, here) by driving it LOW, then you clock out 8 bits for the register address (see data sheet for the register addresses).  Then you clock out 8 more bits for the data that you want to write to that register.  Then raise CS*.

See this page for an example of software SPI.

Title: Re: my Wiring Board needs to talk to Max
Post by julienb on 06/03/08 at 05:45:07
my english is very bad.. so sorry :-/

the main question was: making a protocol between the Wiring board and Max/msp.
a lot already  exist.. but I would like to create one near from the monome protocol or something like that. a very simple one.

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