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Message started by julienb on 04/16/08 at 11:43:07

Title: MIDI hardware for wiring
Post by julienb on 04/16/08 at 11:43:07

I'll receive my wiring board very soon (I hope)

I need informations about MIDI stuff (hard & soft)
I found things for arduino for making midi out things..
I guess I can do midi in too.I'd need that.

if you have any experiencies etc etc I'd be interested  :D


Title: Re: MIDI hardware for wiring
Post by julienb on 04/17/08 at 12:50:06
no ideas ??   :'(

Title: Re: MIDI hardware for wiring
Post by barragan on 04/17/08 at 18:53:14
hi, I am not very familiar with MIDI, but I will help you in anything you might need. If there is code working on Arduino for sure we can make it work in Wiring. Hans-Christoph Steiner is also working on Firmata library for Wiring. Just let me know when your board arrive and we will work it out. I think this is a great chance for us to develop a MIDI library.

Title: Re: MIDI hardware for wiring
Post by julienb on 04/17/08 at 20:32:43
I hope we will collaborate to increase the knowledge and experiencies of community !

I hope I'll fin wire cable, and some LEDs soon.
I'll dive more in max/msp too in order to use it with my controller.
the wiring board will be connected to max, max will be the interface/bridge between my Live set.

The controller will only send Control Change message
and receive Control change and noteon & note off in order to get a feedback (showed by the Leds...)

we'll discusss more soon...!

ciao ciao!  :D

Title: Re: MIDI hardware for wiring
Post by rux on 04/18/08 at 05:49:15
as sexy as a midi library might be i'd b much more excited about an OSC library.

midi is a standard, right. but it also lacks resolution and those 10ms delays...
besides many softw packages have or are implementing OSC (...), easy networking, configurable as hell and strings(yummi!)

julien if u'r using max as an interface to other softw why not use serial instead>?

i'm now finishing my thesis project using wiring and controlling other softw and max through serial with no problems so far but i'd love to get my hands on OSC in Wiring in an easy way.


Title: Re: MIDI hardware for wiring
Post by julienb on 04/18/08 at 08:28:30
Hi rux,

My target is to build a big matrix of LED + buttons (only that, for the moment)
I sketched that:

This gear has to be able to send data & receive data too.
I want to use it to control  my Ableton Live set.
Actually, the last release (version 7.03) doesn't provide a very good feedback & control feature for a precise function (if you're interested: clips control ; I could be more precise).
For the moment, the only way to do what I want to do is a backdoor made with Python. it is not illegal. It is just a hack of files provides by Ableton in order to do controlling via hardware controller.
THE site where the hacks of API are made is : http://groups.google.com/group/liveapi

The architecture can be viewed like that:

[Ableton Live]--API<--PythonScripts--> Data (sent & received)

If PythonScripts are made as OSC-able.... ok for OSC
If PythonScripts are made as midi-able.... ok for midi

All is possible.

We alse can avoid the use of Max/MSP. But for the moment, it isn't done.

I guess we could begin with midi (more spreaded for the moment) and after go on OSC, or making both at the same time.

I could involve myself in this project because I really need that...

Title: Re: MIDI hardware for wiring
Post by julienb on 04/29/08 at 20:56:51
a discussion about this project here: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1209311743

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